2018 logistics development

 Company news     |     2020-01-22 11:33:09

In the cross-border e-commerce sellers circle, there is such a sentence: "Running with shoes and flying without shoes are our sellers'legs, we have to spend money to provide, do not break, break." Although a joke, but also exposed the important position of logistics providers in cross-border e-commerce industry, in the face of such a huge cross-border market, sellers can get from the current status of the industry what unknown trends? Digging out the layout of business opportunities in 2018?
Postal packet level: the Universal Postal Union re shuffled the market after 2018, and the variables were larger.
Hugo learned that FedEx's FedEx FedEx FedEx FedEx, Federal Freight and Land freight rates will be increased from January 1, 2008, in addition to large items and packages requiring additional processing will be charged separately; following the FedEx FedEx announced increases in freight rates, including DHL, UPS, U.S. Post, France Post and Netherlands Post, etc. National postal and express companies have also increased freight rates.
According to the relevant industry analysis, the freight adjustment of the logistics enterprises mainly concentrated in the peak season, and the proportion of the increase in basic freight rates were maintained at about 4.9%, and the freight rates for special goods also changed. According to Wang Yongqiang, the founder of cross-border logistics, the price increase of UPU in 2018 is based on the current trend of supply and demand in the logistics market. On the other hand, it is aimed at balancing and improving UPU developing and developed countries. The distribution of interests among members. In Wang Yongqiang's view, the post package agency model market will face a reshuffle in 2018 after the price increase, presumably the future industry will be more variable.
Air cargo level: the tension of aviation capacity is still decreasing, and Hongkong airport is the first to bear the brunt.
Speaking of cross-border e-commerce on the acquisition of air resources, Wang Yongqiang said: "In view of the matching degree of resources in the logistics channel, the future air transport will be the first to bear the brunt of scarce resources, B2C fragmented retail model requires cross-border distribution to maximize the frequency, small batch, turnover flexibility to achieve cross-border distribution."
Throughout 2017, air transport in the cross-border e-commerce industry in the explosion of warehouse situation, the whole year air transport capacity tension is still unabated, almost no off-season, especially in Hong Kong Airport is more prominent. In the year-end busy season of cross-border e-commerce sellers, the recent three or four months, especially during the Black Friday and Internet Monday, the phenomenon of sellers scrambling for space resources is particularly obvious.
To this end, Wang Yongqiang said that the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce has led to the continued explosion of warehouses at Hong Kong Airport, with a large number of cross-border cargo being distributed to all parts of the world; and the more the plateau explosion season, although the price of cross-border air transport has risen, sellers are still rushing to buy space. If ducks.
FBA level: the US express ship and the central European train are the highlights of 2018.
In order to effectively solve the difficult situation of air cargo cabin, some sellers will also resort to the U. S. marine express as an alternative. In view of the relatively excessive capacity of the international shipping market, large items of cross-border e-commerce are gradually emerging through the sea-freight consolidation, port of destination UPS/Fedex dispatch warehouse mode; according to Wang Yongqiang, the seller with this sea-freight fragmentation, by way of express delivery of goods to the United States mode, in fact, has been able to reach 14-16 working days. Delivery timeliness, which is almost the same as the timeliness of the airline mode of transit flights in the Mainland, at the same time, the logistics cost of Ocean Express ships saved nearly half of the airline.
"Europe is full of gold," is a widely circulated phrase after the Amazon Sellers Conference, not only Amazon Europe Station, many emerging platforms have also led domestic sellers to start their European journey, China-Europe Banlie as a close economic and trade ties between China and Europe, the future cross-border e-commerce activities will continue to increase. Big.
Relevant industry insiders have indicated that once CEL achieves normal operation, its offset advantage for cross-border logistics distribution is more prominent; sellers can indirectly choose CEL for distribution while considering the long shipping time and high air freight costs; and believe that with the optimization of CEL derives, a large number of future shipments. China's top quality brands will also come close to the overseas consumers along the China Europe class.