Boutique line 1:
Far East line: From China port to Vladivostok/ Vostochny by sea, and then, transferred to Kamchatka/ Sakhalin/Moscow/ Novosibirsk/Yekaterinburg etc;

Boutique line 2:
India-Pakistan line: From China port  to base port of India by sea, and then, transferred to inland transportation businesses of India and Nepal;

Boutique line 3:
Australia line: We can provide attractive services in price and quality, as well as the freight forwarding service with short transport time;

Boutique line 4:
CIS transpotation: We can provide the container transportation services of dangerous goods from China to Ru /KZ/UZ;

Boutique line 5:
From China port to Indonesia via Sigapore,Oki Mill Site Jetty Port/Tebing Tinggi Jambi Mills Port/Cigading Cilegon Banten Port/Ketapang Port;